`This schedule is subject to change as we work our way through the course. We may wish to spend more time on some texts, and less on others. “TBA” indicates areas where we may wish to add texts. Also, in addition to the texts, there will be writing instruction each class, including grammar, essay structure, and style.

It is your responsibility to be prepared for the week's readings. 



Subject of Discussion

September 1

Introduction/Syllabus Distribution


Introduction to Poetry: Form and Terminology

The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld (will show on PPoint)

Yeats, "The Lake Isle of Innisfree"

McKay, “The Tropics of New York ”

Friday, Sept 15 no class: Interdisciplinary Conference


Love and War and the Sonnet

Shakespeare, “My Mistress' Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun” or listen

Brooke, “The Soldier” ((listen) and (bio)

Owen, “Anthem for Doomed Youth” and "Dulce et Decorum Est'  listen (optional)

Quiz #1

October 2

Library class in L121

Information Literacy on Moodle

Sept 25-Oct 6

Romantic Poetry

Blake, “The Chimney Sweeper" (Innocence)

Blake, “The Chimney Sweeper" (Experience)

Wordsworth, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”

Plath, “Lady Lazarus” listen

Monday, Oct 9

Thanksgiving Day; no class


Other Voices

Plath, “Lady Lazarus” listen

Phan, "My Father's 'Norton Introduction to Literature" or link

Gunn Allen, Pocahontas to Her English Husband, John Rolfe" (link or handout)

Smith, "Mi Cyaan Believe It" (translated version)

The Beatles, “Eleanor Rigby"

Williams, "The Red Wheelbarrow"

Midterm Oct 23



31-Nov 9

Never Cry Wolf

Grammar Test Nov 22 

Nov 10 Fall Break; no classes
14-Dec 5

Never Cry Wolf

Essay Outline due Nov 17

Essay due due Nov 27

Non-Fiction Essays

Toews, "A Father's Faith"
Mowat, "The Nature of the North"

December 6-8



Final Exam