Below is the list of terms I will be using for Section A of the final examination. I will also draw on these terms for the essay question in Section B.


New Criticism
Reader Response
New Historicism/Biographical Structuralism//Deconstruction
intentional fallacy ideal/implied reader class discourse transcendental signified
ambiguity actual reader ideology social production sign
tradition transaction discourse history/historical signifier
affective fallacy genre modes of production biographical criticism binary
close reading subjective response aura/originality text gaps
tension gaps/expectations false consciousness knowledge unintended meaning
ambiguity   bourgeoisie    
heresy of paraphrase   proletariat    



Feminism/Queer Psychological Postcolonial Ecocriticism Postmodernism Aboriginal
gender unconscious tradition Nature order/disorder reconciliation 
binary Id Other culture master narrative aboriginal
patriarchy Ego canon sign/signifier decentralize knowledge
oppression projection Orientalism anthropomorphism metafiction canon
Other   binary linguistic construction myth education
tradition   imperialism   authenticity decolonize
stereotype   colonialism   imitation  
sign/signifier   mimicry