Word and Image: Art, Artists, and Literature


Philip Mingay


credits 3 (hrs lect 3 - hrs sem 0 - hrs lab 0)


Literary works that offer representations of the artist and his or her work abound, and the presentation of the artist’s role in culture has a long and fascinating literary history. This course examines literary representations of art and artists, including the visual arts. How have writers described the lives and the work of writers, painters, and sculptors? What can we learn about creativity, talent, and the lives of artists from these literary works? Texts will be selected from various historical periods, and from multiple countries, in order to demonstrate the rich relationship between the visual and the literary.


Prerequisites: ENGL 214, 215





Essay One


Essay Two (Research)


Library Assignment


Quizzes, Short Answers 10%

Final Exam







The classes will incorporate both lecture and discussion formats. I will introduce each text and its critical background, and then as a class we will examine the text in detail, as well as any supplementary texts. This means that you must attend class, keep up with the readings, and be prepared to contribute to class discussions. It would be useful for you to note what you believe are significant sections from the texts, and how they may contribute to our understanding of the course as a whole.

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Academic Honesty
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