This schedule is subject to change as we work our way through the course. We may wish to spend more time on some texts, and less on others. "TBA" indicates areas where we may wish to add texts.

It is your responsibility to be prepared for the week's readings by having the entire novel read. 


Date/Week Subject of Discussion
January 3 Introduction/Syllabus

Introduction to Postcolonialism

What is Postcolonial?

Empire Online

Visit the websites and look around


What do the with the "n--word" and Heart of Darkness.

Read or watch as much as you wish


Huckleberry Finn and the NWord


Ta-Nehisi Coates on the N Word


The Canon and Its Legacy

Conrad, Heart of Darkness

The Empire Writes Back (Chapt 1)

Postcolonial Theory

Key Concepts

cannibal, centre/margin, colonial discourse, commonwealth literature, imperialism, Other, postcolonial

IS: Jan 19


Achebe's "An Image of Africa"

Said on Conrad (see Other Resources)

22-Feb 2

Colonial Responses to Christianity

Achebe, Things Fall Apart

Kincaid, A Small Place (on reserve)


The Caribbean Experience

Levy, The Long Song

Kincaid, A Small Place

Key Concepts:

mimicry, caribbean, creole, creolization, ambivalence

Braithwaite, Lamming, Walcott (handouts)

Walcott, The Caribbean; Culture or Mimicry?

Essay #1 due

19-23 Reading Week 
26 - March 8

Jewel in the Crown

Said, Orientalism

Key Concepts:  Orientalism (138), subaltern (177)

Ashcroft, Edward Said (chapt 4, pp47-64)

Man Eater of Malgudi

Guest Speaker  


AI and Colonialism

Library Assignment due

March 15 Break: no class

Commonwealth, Postcolonial, or Transnational/Transcultural?

Key Concepts: agency, nation, transcultural, hybridity, transnationalism


Aboriginal Issues

Wagamese, Indian Horse

What is a Nation?

King, Godzilla vs the Post-colonial


29-April 10

Noah, Born a Crime

Essay #2 due



TBA Final Exam