Essay #2 will be a 2500 word research essay due November 30. Your essay must be uploaded to Turnitin via Moodle after completing the Integrity Agreement.

Essays must conform to MLA Style. In an essay of this length, you will refer to 3-5 secondary sources. Some sources you may refer to only once, while others you may find yourself quoting more frequently. You may use the sources from your library assignment. There is no set number of secondary sources, but 4-6 is a good number.

Remember, I am always happy to discuss your ideas or look over your drafts.

The following are possible topics. You may choose to write on a single text, but please discuss it with me to ensure there is enough

material for you to work with.

1.   Discuss the role of autobiography Roughing it in the Bush.

2.   Discuss the representation of the artist figure in two texts.

3.   Discuss representations of nationalism in any two texts.

4.   Discuss the role of geography in any two texts. How do the characters perceive identity in relationship to place?

5.   Discuss the depictions of the elderly in The Stone Angel and any other text.

6.   What do the representations of women in any two texts tell us about attitudes towards gender in the 1960s and 1970s?

You may also compare the representation of women from other periods that we have studied, such as late Victorian

or early 20th C.   

7.   Compare the representation of indigenous people in any two texts.

8.   Compare the novel and the film versions of The Stone Angel.

9.   Discuss the role of family as a function of regionalism in any two texts. How do families contribute to a sense of place?

10. Discuss the importance of "owning land" in one or two texts.

11. Compare two small towns from any two texts. 

12. Discuss Canada as a colony in one or two texts. 

13. Compare the thematic influence of Roughing it in the Bush on a later text in the course.

14. Contrast the theme of survival in one exploration text and one settler text. 

15. Discuss Nature as monster in railway poetry.

16. You may propose your own topic, but first it must be approved by me.