This schedule is subject to change.  We may wish to spend more time on some texts, and less on others.  “TBA” indicates areas where we may wish to add texts, including handouts and Internet links. 



Subject of Discussion

Sept 2



Early Publications and Explorers

Brooke, The History of Emily Montague (10)

Hearne, A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort (29)

Franklin, Narrative of a Journey (52)

Treaty 6


Nature and the Bush Myth

Frye and the Garrison Mentality

Atwood, Survival

Moodie, From Roughing it in the Bush (82)

Traill, The Backwoods of Canada (71)

no class Wed, Sept 14: IS Conference

Treaty 6

30 Truth and Rconciliation: no class

Oct 3-14

The Empty, Dangerous Landscape

The Group of Seven and Emily Carr Paint Canada

Purdy, "Lament for the Dorsets" (574), "Wilderness Gothic" (573)

Smith, "The Lonely Land" (427)

Grove, Snow (315)

Page, "Stories of Snow" (518): optional


Monday, Oct 11, no class: Thanksgiving Day 

Confederation Poets and Long Poems

Roberts, “The Flight of the Geese” (181), “The Skater” (197)

Lampman, “The Railway Station” (240),

  Pratt, Towards the Last Spike (356)

Scott, "All the Spikes But the Last" (413), "Onondaga Madonna"

Sangster, The St. Lawrence (142)

 “The City of the End of Things” (243) optional

                     Lane, "CPR Station--Winnipeg " (846)

                    Service, "The Cremation of Sam McGee" (listen)         

Nov 2-16

Regionalism and the CanLit Explosion

Laurence, The Stone Angel

Montgomery, "How Betty Sherman Won a Husband" and Anne of Green Gables (chapt 1)

McClung, "The Elusive Vote" (262)



Nov 11, no class: Remembrance Day

Celebrities and Best Sellers

Leacock, "The Marine Excursion" (295)

Scott, “ Canadian Authors Meet” (407)

Cohen, "Suzanne" (599) and "Sisters of Mercy"

Atwood, "This is a Photograph of Me" (676)


Indigenous Issues

Johnson, various poems (225)

Carr, “Kitwancool” (story 20) or the pdf version Kitwancool

Thompson, "Life Among the Nahathaways" (42)

Film: Nanook of the North

Library Assignment due March 20


Canada and the U.S.

Film: The Snow Walker (optional viewing at my home)

Review: last day of classes

TBA Final Exam