Essay #1 (15%) due Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023 (1000 words)



In this assignment you will further explore one of the items in the Alberta Art Gallery. The field trip is planned for the 4th week of January. For example, in the Road Trip exhibit, what memories does it prompt about your own Canadian road trips? How does the Genius Loci exhibit make you think about the connection between art and the environment?  Perhaps you have never seen a Group of Seven painting in person and wish to write about the importance of Lawren Harris? Maybe Dean Drever's totem made out of paper captures your eye.


Your essay will require secondary sources, but need not be peer-reviewed. Also, you might find you have a personal connection to some of the items, and wish to include your own history in your essay. I encourage you to pursue such directions, and you may write in the first-person. Your essay can be personal and informal, in the sense that you do not need a formal introduction or conclusion. You may even choose to submit the assignment as a PowerPoint presentation, for example. 

The  AGA is wonderful with lots to explore, so have fun!


If you are unable to attend the gallery with the class, but have been to the gallery recently and remember some of the items, you may pursue the assignment as stated above. If not, you may use an item from another visit to a museum or gallery, or perhaps you (or your family) have an item in your home. For example, mantle clock was ubiquitous in homes across Canada for generations. What was is history? Who designed it? Why was it so popular? You may also consider a favourite Canadian book when you were a child and its influence. For example, one of the most influential Canadian novels in my childhood was Farley Mowat's Lost in the Barrens.