Essay #2 will be a 2500 word research essay due April 11, 2023. You may use critical material from your library assignment. The following are possible topics. You may choose to write on a single text, but please discuss it with me to ensure there is enough material for you to work with.

1.   How is the city of Scarborough a character in the novel?

2.   Discuss the representation of the artist figure in one or two texts.

3.   Discuss representations of nationalism in one or two texts.

4.   Discuss the role of geography in one or two texts. How do the characters perceive identity in relationship to place?

5.   Discuss Canada as a postcolonial country.

6.   What do the representations of women in any one or two texts reveal about Canadian culture?  

7.   Discuss the representation of Native people in any two texts.

8.   Discuss the significance of the Canadian postmodern.

9.   Discuss the role of family as a function of regionalism in any two texts. How do families contribute to a sense of place?

10. Compare Scarborough to its film version. 

11. Compare two small towns from any two texts. 

12. Compare Alexander MacDonald to one or two other characters studied in this course that struggle with history and memory. 

13. Compare the thematic influence of the Atwood's Survival and the bush myth on a later text in the course.

14.  In No Great Mischief, how are the migrant workers compared to the Cape Breton community? 

15. Discuss the cultural concept of "living in the hyphen" in any two texts.

16. Discuss the myth of the North and the icefields as empty space. 

17. How does Canada's Christian history collide with the the postmodern?

18.  Discuss the role of the child narrator in Scarborough.

19. Discuss how the urban/suburban environment affects the roles of the characters in Scarborough.

20. You may propose your own topic, but first it must be approved by me.