Welcome to my Instructor page. Here you will find information about me and my courses, both past and present.

This website is designed for my courses and students, so if you have any suggestions or ideas about how to improve it, please let me know at philip.mingay@kingsu.ca.



First, I recognize that learning (and teaching) during COVID-19 can be daunting and stressful. However, at King's we are a community of learners, and I will do my best to esnure that your course is both enjoyable and academcially stimuating. If you are struggling with the material or your learning environment, I will do my best to help you or direct you to King's professionals who can. I love teaching, and I want you to flourish during your time at King's regardless of the situation.  I am currently Chair of the English Department, so I may assist you in that capacity as well. 

For the Winter 2024 semester my classes are as follows:

We can either meet in person, or on Teams, to discuss your essays and other matters. Please email me to set up an appointment if outside my office hours. I also frequently check my email and can repond quickly to questions that way.

A little bit about myself: I have been teaching at King's for 17 years. My area of specialization is postcolonial literature--literature from countries that were once colonies of Britain. I am originally from Markham, Ontario, but moved to Edmonton in 1992 to tackle my Ph.D. at the University of Alberta. My thesis looked at painters in literature from Canada, Australia, and the Caribbean. I love looking at art, which is why I show so many paintings in my classes!   

My wife, Natalie, and I have two boys: Henry and Casey. We all love to read and walk our rescue mutt Scout through the river valley. If I was not a professor I would have have pursued baseball, squash, or some other sport. I love to snowboard and golf. I read cookbooks for fun, and grow an awesome herb garden in the summer. I am not handy with woodworking tools, and do not do my own home renovations.  


Below are courses that I have taught in the past, and may teach again in the future.

ENGL 214 ENGL 329 ENGL 314 ENGL 370 ENGL 215

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ENGL 405 ENGL 326 ENGL 358 ENGL 371 ENGL 336


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